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Build a Bridge and Get Over It

February 27, 2007

Lions Gate Bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge [1937]

First Narrows, Vancouver





The Three Rules Of Assessment

February 27, 2007

1  –  Look for what is there that shouldn’t be;

2 – Look for what isn’t there that should be;

3 – Do put your Ego (Agenda) on a peg at the door. . .

Example:- You walk into a room with people deep in conversation –
The conversation stops and everyone looks at you –
It is not because you have walked into the room –
It is because someone has walked into the room –

Creative commons license

The Range Of Affect

February 27, 2007

The range of affect has been great;
Just as a stone thrown skips across the
surface of a still pond;
As it slips below the surface,
it leaves only you to know it was ever there;

And yet, as the stone settles to the water’s floor;
It changes the surface forever;
Such is the Range of Affect.

Small moves, Big Affect

© 1998 – Martin Graham Smith – Metchosen B.C

The Three Circles of Influence

February 27, 2007

The first circle has the diameter Indicated by one’s outstretched arms

The second circle encompasses those circles of the people directly
adjacent to you;

The third circle encompasses everything beyond.

Act within the first circle – while acknowledging the second circle;
remaining always aware of the third.

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