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Build a Bridge and Get Over It

February 27, 2007

Lions Gate Bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge [1937]

First Narrows, Vancouver





The Three Rules Of Assessment

February 27, 2007

1  –  Look for what is there that shouldn’t be;

2 – Look for what isn’t there that should be;

3 – Do put your Ego (Agenda) on a peg at the door. . .

Example:- You walk into a room with people deep in conversation –
The conversation stops and everyone looks at you –
It is not because you have walked into the room –
It is because someone has walked into the room –

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The Range Of Affect

February 27, 2007

The range of affect has been great;
Just as a stone thrown skips across the
surface of a still pond;
As it slips below the surface,
it leaves only you to know it was ever there;

And yet, as the stone settles to the water’s floor;
It changes the surface forever;
Such is the Range of Affect.

Small moves, Big Affect

© 1998 – Martin Graham Smith – Metchosen B.C