RSVP Cycles – Lawrence Halprin




RESOURCES – These are the human and material resources available to inform and enrich the creative process; the resource base includes a physical inventory and a project program, objectives and expectations

SCORE – As in a musical score or the choreography of dance; the score orchestrates design, participation, events and activities that visibly delineate, generate and sustain a project

VALUACTION – As an integral part of the process, people’s feelings and belief systems, as well as community needs and desires must be integrated with a decision-making process that respects, acknowledges and incorporates these values

PERFORMANCE – Includes the product and its evolution over time; this component of the Cycles anticipates an organic, non-static solution; an environment or result that is defined by those who use it, experience it, and appreciate it.


REFERENCE – The Rsvp Cycles : Creative Processes in the Human Environment – Lawrence Halprin [1969] [REF]

ISBN – 0807605573



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