ShenKu – Zeek

Only son of British military parents – lost the sight of one eye at age 15 while surfing alone on the wild beaches of West Africa – Two of the world’s leading specialists then instructed that he be restricted to a sedentary lifestyle thereafter – [‘Where’s yah walking stick’] – as before two years he should expect to lose the sight in the remaining eye without warning – – At that time he was attending a well-known English boarding school – [‘Jolly good show,chaps’] – Sent by his father because of – poor exam results and disruptive behavior – after frequent changes of home and school – However he secretly had applied for an assisted passage to Australia and despite his mother’s farewell tears, emigrated soon after – – Working long hours into the night – as well as two day jobs – he financed and built a small sailing cutter [7.5 Metres] and in the face of dire forecasts from medical experts – [You will die] – set out for the Indian Ocean [to circumnavigate the world single-handed] – Seven and half years later, the boat battered and structurally damaged- by consecutive Pacific storms, with no money and no food, he limped back from the opposite direction – l – Since that time he has continued to travel – and currently [at 50 something] is believed to live on an old sailboat somewhere in the tropic – Conducting private Research – He appears [despite all odds] tp see well enough with one eye – and has been observed executing 70 something consecutive one-handed fingertippress-ups with relative ease. . .


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