ShenKu – Defined

Health – is the Princess of this Artform because responsibility is an honor, most missed if it goes
Humor – is a Prince in this Artform because happiness is more valuable than gold
Philosophy – is a King in this Artform because the world is not flat nor are we alone in its time
Imagination – is a Queen in the Artform because without it our dreams cannot ever come true
Shen-Ku – Translates – according to context and area, variously – ‘Pure Traveler’ – ‘Secret Stranger’ – ‘Dark Visitor’ – ‘Phantom Passenger’. . . The Art encompasses, by far, the widest diversity of skills and knowledge from, by far, the widest spectrum of cultures and locations [ever], although this first formal contribution from our planet was mainly researched in Asia. An exact definition of the Art is elusive, a state of mind, a spiritual elevation, a conditioning of the body or an evolving study of life, it is what you make it, But its four basic philosophies remain the same for all situations. They are simple but disturbing and
Govern all conscious progress in life
The Physics of Movement – The Sail – Basic Logic: Movement changes circumstance an without change there is no improvement
The Directions of Destiny – The Four Bells – Basic Logic: The choices of a single second affect all those that follow
The Mysticism of the Unknown – The Beast – Basic Logic: within each of us lie the hopes and fears of everyone else
The Spirituality of Action – The Sword – Basic Logic: The means to any end is ultimately within the spiritual.


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